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Memorial Day

c7e3c327f87d84a85f39cee5e028b27cAs we come closer to Memorial Day, I hope everyone remembers what this holiday is all about.  Our veterans are why we are here today.  Without their bravery, courageousness, and love of our country; we wouldn’t have the life we do.

So when your cooking out with your family this weekend, make sure you also think about the ones that made that possible.  Thank a veteran for their service and everything they had done.

Long Day

pictureHave you ever had one of those days, that it just seems to drag on?  I have come to the conclusion it seems that way because our minds are bored.  If you keep your mind busy, there is no time to be bored.

There are many ways to keep your mind busy.  You can think about appointments you have, things you need to do, or even day dream.  Your mind has to always work constantly or it will get bored.  Exercise is not just for your body, there are other areas that need it as well, such as your brain.