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I just wanted to apologize for not posting anything recently.  Work and photography have taken over my life.  I think I am finally caught up on the photo editing, then I can share some with you.  Keep the likes and comments coming so I know what I am doing right 🙂

Long Day

pictureHave you ever had one of those days, that it just seems to drag on?  I have come to the conclusion it seems that way because our minds are bored.  If you keep your mind busy, there is no time to be bored.

There are many ways to keep your mind busy.  You can think about appointments you have, things you need to do, or even day dream.  Your mind has to always work constantly or it will get bored.  Exercise is not just for your body, there are other areas that need it as well, such as your brain.


Working Life


As we go through life, we start to lose our focus on what is important. People tend to forget about the little things in life. Kids, memories, happiness, or even sadness doesn’t seem to matter to many people anymore.

We need to step back and realize how important it is to keep the little things close to us.  In the end, the little things are what we will miss the most.  The next time you see your kids, make sure to hug them close and tell them you love them.  Never lose what is most important in life, because you were too busy to pay attention.

The Anger Within Us

Anger– A strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.
Hate- Intense or passionate dislike.

There are many things in this world that can make you angry or hateful. Anger and hate can hurt you and anyone around you.

Anger can shatter communication and rip apart relationships. It ruins the happiness, love, and health of so many people. Anger can be in anyone no matter their age, gender, social status or even financial status. Hate is a very strong word that is just thrown around on a daily basis by many; I’ve heard things like “I hate my job, I hate my life, I hate my family, and I hate you”. Hate can eventually poison your mind and heart, it causes bitterness and eats away at our souls.

Everyone has some kind of anger or hate in them, however, not everyone will let it out. Learning to control these emotions is key to a happy healthy life. Many people ask, “how we can I control my anger when it is so bad?” It is hard for a lot of people that have only known these emotions their whole life.

It is important to remember you’re not alone, many people have to deal with these emotions on a daily basis. Anger is not always a bad thing, it just depends on how you use your anger. Anger can be used as a driving force to get you somewhere you want to be in life. As long as you can learn to control your anger in different situations, anger can be a benefit to you. Walking away from a hateful or angry situation is the best thing you can do until you learn to control it better.

Always remember anger can be used positively and turned into a great emotion for you. Stay strong, love one another, and help when you can.

~Trisha Leigh~